Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Desk

I am ashamed to admit my first trip to IKEA was just two weeks ago. Yikes. How on earth did I not go sooner! I was in complete shock at the entire store. I think Matt is getting annoyed with the amount I keep talking about the place. I just couldn't/still can't believe it. I came home with a couple of items. Some small. Some not so small. But most importantly, Matt and I survived assembling our new desk. I was a little worried when I started opening the boxes and saw this...

Putting together these types of projects never goes well. We almost got divorced over a pair of floating shelves (kidding, well kind of) and since then I have stayed away from any project where we should must follow directions. That is until I saw this desk for only $80.
If you have kids like ours, you know nice things are probably going to get ruined. If this is the case with the desk, at least I can rest a little easier knowing I spent less than $100.
I don't have a picture of the desk area before, simply because I would be embarrassed to know the evidence was on the Internet (it was THAT bad). Picture a small child's desk with a whole lot of mess around it and that was our desk. But here is our new one. I still have to do something with the wires, but for now it is 100% an improvement for our home.
And here is a special piece. One of my uncles gave it to me as a gift in middle school and I have placed it on every desk I have used since then. I love it.  


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