Thursday, March 28, 2013

chicks. chicks. chicks.

Braeden has been obsessed with chicks and bunnies since I took him and Sean to get their photo taken with live animals. (cutest. day. ever.) So of course I hit up Pinterest for some inspiration.  I pinned a couple of ideas on my Easter board (found here) and combined two different crafts. Side note: Braeden's attention span was just perfect for this one! phew

orange and yellow card stock
eyes from a craft store
iddy biddy hands

I pre cut most of the pieces the night before, but left the hand tracing and leg folding to keep him engaged.

The cuts included: a circle, a folded triangle for the beak, a little spike for the hair, half inch strips for the legs, little feet and hand cutouts for the wings.

Here he is with his chick! He was so proud of this little guy and even more excited to show it off to dad!

His favorite part was the eyes, as you can tell. Today we worked on a Bunny--that one wasn't as smooth, but still fun.  

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