Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sports Themed 2nd Birthday

I cannot believe my little guy is already two! Everyone says the time goes by quickly, but I guess I never really believed them--I was a fool. Braeden turning two was/is a shock to me. How is it possible already?

For his big day, I came up with a sports theme--mainly because I saw some great inspiration on Pinterest! We went with baseball, football and basketball. { our family's favorite } For colors I chose red, white and blue--I mean we do live in Boston and those colors are Patriots and Red Sox based! Here are some of the little details I added to make his day extra special. 

My sister generously helped with stringing these baseball paper chains and footballs. We simply cut 2 inch strips of white and brown cardstock and used a red sharpie and a white paint pen.

Have I mentioned how much I love my Cricut? For the kitchen area I made this concessions bunting. I cut 5 inch letters and glued them to the white cardstock. After they dried I simply punched two holes on the top and used red ribbon to thread them together.

On the wall near the food table, I made this scoreboard. Once again my Cricut came in handy and I glued them to a black posterboard. All the numbers represent Braeden's birthday { 12/18/2010 } Few people actually understood the reference, but that's ok.


We are Boston fans so Wally the Green Monster made it to the table! 

Field Goal Posts: I went to the PVC department of Home Depot and gathered all the supplies I needed. A few coats of yellow spray paint later it changed into this! 

Field tabletop: Another Home Depot purchase! The outdoor/indoor rug was $18.99 and I cut it to length. I then used a whiteish masking tape and scrapbook numbers to resemble a field. 

Other little touches:
The offense/defense bunting was also done with my cricut and strung using twine. I painted old coffee cans to look like footballs and used them as utensil holders. 

Football rice crispies treats great and so easy to make. I used chocolate rice crispies instead of plain and used melted white chocolate for the laces. 

The cupcakes were a HUGE hit! Once again my sister helped me with frosting all 50 of them. All were vanilla on vanilla and the food coloring I used was the gel colors I purchased from Michaels { with a coupon of course }

Unfortunately for me, as soon as the balloons showed up, Braeden no longer wanted to partake in any other activities. But it was his day, so I understood. I love having parties and any excuse to show off my crafty side I welcome! When's the next party?!?

What do you think? 


  1. I love it! I am from Alabama but am a huge Patriots fan! I will be using my cricut to make a scoreboard. I was gonna put the time my son was born for the time clock. There is a cartridge that cuts a scoreboard in one cut...awesime stuff. Love your ideas!

    1. Thanks so much! I love to hear Patriots nation has spread to Alabama! I can't wait to look into the cartridge you mentioned! Happy Crafting!