Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Realistic Resolutions

In honor of the new year I am going to create small goals I can actually accomplish to improve my life. I figure if I can complete small little goals, I will feel better about myself. So here is my list.

* Drink more coffee from home. The less I spend on coffee the more I have in my pocket.

* Get rid of a items/clothes each week. I am trying to declutter our house. No easy task. Therefore if I get rid of a bag a week {no matter the size} I am doing some good.

* Print more photographs. I have thousands and thousands of photos on my computer, but I rarely print them anymore. So I am going to start printing and putting them into scrapbooks and albums.

* Spend more time at the gym. I am keeping this open ended with how many days/hours I go. That way when I skip a day or two I won't feel like a complete failure. A girl can get busy chasing around 2 babies and holding down a full-time job.

* Organize. and. stay. organized.

*Do more crafting. I have so many scrapbook materials and such--so I vow to no longer neglect them.

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