Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coffee Table Transformation

Today I thought I would share the transformation of our old coffee table. When Matt and I first moved to our home, we got a lot {no really lots} of used furniture. Everyone we knew seemed to have items they were willing to donate to us. {which was great for us at the time, but not everything was in good shape} Case in point-our old coffee table.

One Word: UGLY

We have since replaced this gem with a lovely piece {hopefully the boys will keep it that way} but I knew I could use the piece in the playroom if I gave it some TLC. So I made a trip to Home Depot in search for some paint. I went Behr's Limeade, mainly because I wanted something bright and fun.

Here are a few picture of the process. I taped off the top portion of the table, because I was applying chalkboard paint to that section. So I started by painting the legs and sides first. {Note: I didn't do any prep work before I started painting because I didn't need it to be perfect} I did three coats of paint all around the piece. The next night I started with the chalkboard paint and painted 6 coats. It may sound like a lot, but it dried quickly and came out great.

Here is the final result. What do you think? Braeden loves chalk and thus far it has been a big hit in our home. I am hoping it keeps him entertained in the winter months ahead. {These pictures show a lot of the old chalk, but with a little water those markings go away}

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