Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Pour me another cup of coffee because boy am I tired! I cannot get over how quickly this year is passing by. This morning was my first Black Friday shopping experience as a mom {wait--so I can't spend all my money on presents for myself?} My plan was to sneak in a quick shopping session at Toys R Us before work. Of course Matt thought I was insane, but I had my eyes on the prize. S A L E is my favorite word. And 50% off is motivation enough. I had two big items I wanted to purchase and of course I deviated from my list just a little. Overall a success and I arrived to work on time. win. win.

First up: Little Tikes Grill. I can only picture how cute the boys will look playing with this. Good news. Half. Off.

Seond: Radio Flyer Tricycle. I cannot wait to see his face. Every little boy should have a tricycle and this retro one is the sweetest.

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