Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend Challenge

During my maternity leave, my husband and I are trying everything to value the family moments together as much as possible. Sadly when I go back to work in August, no more weekends (insert sad face here). This weekend we wanted to tackle the new garden bed we made in our backyard--as a family.

The idea was to plant perennials--and lots of them. Two stores and two days later--our challenge was complete. The only wait now is for the mulch (but that's another story). I just hope everything survives.

Another view

My number one purchase you may ask--the hydrangeas. I have always wanted one and instead of one, I bought four! Yikes. But so worth it. Aren't they beautiful?

I will get around to the finished pictures shortly. But here is one of the progress and my fab hubby hard at work.

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