Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gallery Wall

Are you obsessed with Pinterest like I am? If so, I need to know your name so I can start following you!

I have been blushing with all of the lovely stuff on there and getting inspired by so many ladies. This week's project was updating my gallery wall. Looking back at the old photos of the space, my wall was a little sad. (this was during some construction so please ignor the mess)

First challenge, change the wall color. We went with Wheat Bread from Behr. After we painted, I knew I wanted the accent color to be blue so I gathered all of my picture frames from around the house and determined which ones looked best together. Most of them were different colors, so I purchased several different blue spray paint cans and hit the backyard. A little paint. A little sanding. And this is the finished project. Please excuse the sun in these photos.


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  1. This is so cute! I found your blog on weddingbee and just wanted to say that it's really cute also. Nice to meet you!