Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out with the old

I have been on a total throw-everything-away kick lately. The hubby and I have been trying to de-clutter the house. We first moved into our house two years ago and at the time we had little furniture so family members insisted we took their old pieces--please tell me some of you have gone through a similar situation. Suddenly their houses look less cluttered and ours was full with mixed-matched pieces. Well little by little we are trying to purchase new pieces and get rid of theirs. (sorry fam)

Well of course whilst all this is going on, my mother insists we take in these pieces that her friend was getting rid of. So now they are my latest project. After all baby Sean did need a new dresser. I know my DIY skills will make these look better. So here is the before. When I am finished I will share the after.

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