Saturday, March 31, 2012

gender reveal party

I wanted to share photos from our gender reveal party back in December. I know I am late to post, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to inspire someone else.

Why we chose a Gender Reveal Party: We wanted to find out the gender of baby #2 with our family. I found the idea on the Today show and I couldn't wait to plan the party. Our families loved the idea basically because they had never heard of such a party before. Go us!
How we did it: When we got the ultrasound done, I had the doctor write the gender on a piece of paper and I brought it directly to the baker, without looking. I wanted to be surprised with the rest of them. Hardest thing to do. We talked with the baker before hand and told them what we wanted. We decided to die the the cake itself. Blue cake for a boy. Pink cake for a girl.
Invites: We sent out invitations to our family and a few close friends with the instruction to wear either blue or pink depending on what they thought the gender would be. 

Food: We kept it simple. Our party was in the afternoon so we decided on appetizers and deserts.
The decorations: Pink and blue of course!

I made the sign with left over craft paper and hung it with twine and clothes pins.

We had a candy bar set up with pink and blue candy.

The night before I made some quick and easy pretzels covered in chocolate. Here I am. Hi.

Here is the cake.

Before we cut into the cake, we had group photos of the predictions. Team Blue and Team Pink.

Don't you love my BIL and SIL's pink snuggies. Best outfit :)

And then it was time for the big reveal. Here we are making sure we cut into the cake at the same time.'s BLUE! Another boy! I love my facial expression here!

We also had a poster for our friends and family to help with names. It got a little out of control, but it was still fun!

Outside our house

Family photo! Braeden is going to be a big brother to a little brother! He was very excited.

The party was a huge success and we loved it just as much as our family did. Have you had your own gender reveal party or been to someone else's? Tell me all about it!  I highly recommend it

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