Friday, March 2, 2012

30 before 30

I recently read a blog that mapped out 30 things to do before 30. So I have decided to adopt the idea and come up with my list.

1. Start a blog--Check!

2. Go on a Honeymoon

3. Renovate our home to our liking

4. Go somewhere in Europe

5. Bring the kids to Disney World

6. Start selling unused items

7. Take a cooking class

8.  Go on a hot-air balloon ride

9. Learn how to use my camera

10. Visit a vineyard

11. Run two 5Ks in one summer

12. Start and finish a scrapbook of our wedding

13. Go on a movie date with Matt

14. Go on a family vacation with just our family of 4

15. Try hot yoga

16. Get a promotion at work or get hired at BPD

17. Purchase an external drive

18. Have a ladies weekend away

19. Host a favorite things party

20. Understand our finances and speak with someone to get the most for our money

21. Renovate downstairs to include a craft room

22. Enjoy a spa day

23. Have a family day at the Aquarium

24. Splurge on one item I have been wanting forever

25. Set up accounts for all children

26. Have an organized home

27. Learn to make tiramisu

28. Plan a good 30th birthday surprise for Matty

29. Start using coupons on a weekly basis

30. Have a third baby

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