Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Window Treatments

The basement renovation is almost complete and since we are almost there, I have been trying to come up with window treatment ideas. After spending several hours on Pinterest (yes again) I saw a post on DIY roman shades and it got me inspired. I knew I didn't want roman shades, but I did like the idea of DIY. Here is what I came up with. So easy. I just knew I had to share.

Here is a picture of the current windows (there are 5).

So I took a trip to the fabric store and began my process. Here was what I came home with:

Here is my secret: I don't sew. So instead I bought this iron-on tape. Worked perfectly.

2 yards of fabric

1 yard of blackout fabric. I found this useful for two reasons. 1. I wanted something for privacy  since the kids will be playing down there. 2. I also needed something to secure the fabric and make it a little heavier.

5 tension rods

Step by Step
1. Measure the space and come up with a template. I started with one window to make sure I had everything just right. I needed something to fit a 35"x19" space.
2. Cut out both fabrics.
3. Apply the blackout fabric to the back of the fabric and fold everything over, securing with the tape.
4. Use your iron to secure the fabric to the tape. Be sure set your iron to the proper setting depending on your fabric. I avoided any direct contact with the blackout fabric. (I didn't want to chance melting the fabric)
5. Create a small pocket at the top in order to hang with the tension rod (with a little more iron-on tape of course) and you are done!

Here is the finished project. I love how simple this project is and the little pop of color. Next plan: move everything downstairs and finally decorate!


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