Thursday, February 9, 2012

nesting. mode. overload.

I am into the last trimester and I am making my husband crazy (he of course would never say such a thing, but I know he is thinking it). I am into cooking, baking, crafts and home renovations. Our house is a disaster and instead of getting the baby's room ready, we are working on every other room in the house. I did the same thing last pregnancy. I guess I just love waiting until the last minute; I work well under pressure.

Here are some pictures of the current project--the front living room and hallway.
Our home is a complete disaster right now, so please don't judge the mess. We are living and renovating in the same area and quite frankly I am not Wonder Woman.

Let me first elaborate as to why I hated these spaces and needed a change:
  1. The wall color. I am a lover of neutrals, but this color is too dark for the space. I am constantly feeling down when I walk into this space and I needed to feel happy. Happy wife. Happy life.
  2. Trim. Each window/base board/door had a different trim. It drove me insane. Not only was it mismatched, but the previous owner had painted over the areas so many times, it looked awful.
  3. The previous owner. I was not a fan of the previous owner. My husband and I vowed to each other that anything he had done to the house would eventually be replaced and removed :)

 View #1 of front living room. (the size of these windows throw me off. I find them so weird, but they are relatively new so no need to replace them...yet)

View #2 of front living room. [ there is our new door :)  ]

View of hallway and our cat, Seamus. (you can run, but you can't hide)

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