Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Start of a Beautiful Thing

When we first bought our house, almost two years ago, I instantly wanted to change everything and make it our own. Then we found out we were expecting our first child and everything changed. I realized quickly we had to take baby steps and keep to a budget.

Last year, we painted the baby's room and added an irrigation system (my husband is obsessed with having a green lawn--I have to pick and choose my battles). To start 2012, we are working on the great room and the downstairs living room and a new front door. This is the before and I cannot wait to share the after! I have been living at Home Depot. I have so many ideas of what I want these spaces to be. Let's hope the final project matches my vision. fingers crossed.

Note: Please ignore the mess and all of the baby's toys :)

 Downstairs living room before
 Another view
 Upstairs great room/dining room. I cannot wait to replace the carpet (some day)

Our old front door.

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